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Getting rust repair work done has been a nightmare!!! The normal crash repairer is only interested in insurance work or doing a quick fix. So as a Mustang enthusiast I have decided to create a company which only does rust restoration on Sixties to early Seventies cars however our passion is Mustangs. We are probably the first in Australia to use the full floor panel and the complete rear quarter guards on our current project a ’67 Mustang Fast Back. We are also restoring XW GT Falcon at present. Previous restorations we have done are a ‘69 Mach 1 and GTR XU1 Torana.

We can handle any job from a small repair to a full body restoration. We have all the major equipment including metal folding and forming machine and a dedicated rotisserie to suit 66-70 Mustang. Our dedicated panel beating staff is lead by Hugh who has been beating for the last 20 years with a strong passion for sixties & seventies muscle cars.

If you have a need for our service, please ring me Hugh MacGillivray on 0411 574 003 to make an appointment to discuss your needs or to view our workmanship at Seventeen Mile Rocks, Brisbane.

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